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Custom and professional joomla! designs and development by a top joomla artist Elijah Clark.



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If you need help creating and updating your joomla! Website, visit the "tutorials" link above to learn techniques to help.

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Extension Directory

Joomla Extensions are like an iPhone. You'll always hear, "There's an extension for that." Visit the directory to view all that Joomla has to offer.

Stock Templates

The fastest and cheapest way to get the job done. If you need a quick solution, check out these templates. Temps for Joomla and more..

What is Joomla Nutshell?

Joomla! Nutshell is a site designed and dedicated at specifically helping users with the content management system Joomla


Authored by Eijah Clark of Tex Design Studio and, through this website, you will be able to find tutorials, blogs and other helpful tools that will help you with learning and utilizing the platform. 

In addition, if you need assistance with Joomla!, feel free to use either the forum or contact page for questions or an estimate on a Joomla! project. .

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Joomla 1.7 Admin Login

Lets make this simple. Here is the actual login link for Joomla 1.7: 

index.php?option=com_users&view=login .
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